A Scandinavian-style bedroom…

The Scandinavian style bedroom is an oasis for lovers of peace. Subdued colours, natural materials and ubiquitous minimalism encourage relaxation and rest. Wondering how to arrange it? We suggest a few proven tricks, which will help you to arrange this interior…

White walls, simple bedroom furniture and minimalist accessories are the main determinants of this style. The Scandinavian style bedroom is light and clear and functional. Its minimalism can make some people feel cool in its arrangement. However, they hurry up with cosy accessories, which will wrap up and warm up the interior.

Colours and materials

The Scandinavian style bedroom is dominated by light shades. Classic white and beige are the main colours of the interior. In combination with natural materials, such as wood or stone, they will create a calming atmosphere, which even encourages relaxation. However, if you prefer a little bit of colour in the interior, bet on neutral colours of mint or grey, which will not disturb the harmony of the room.


They’ll warm up the whole arrangement. But remember about minimalism, which is the main characteristic of this style. The less, the better. Elements that shouldn’t be missing in a bedroom decorated in Scandinavian style are: warm blankets, soft cushions, hairy carpets, candles, wooden frames and wicker baskets for trinkets. Fresh flowers will highlight the natural materials used in the interior.